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Our Services

Wills and Estate Planning, Deceased Administration and Estate Disputes
Estate Planning Canberra Westbourne Legal

We understand that it may be daunting to plan for:

• the time where you are not able to care for yourself; or

• what happens to those assets and cherished items you have built over your lifetime.

Westbourne Legal specialises in Estate Planning and Estates and we encourage you to discuss your circumstances with us. Our experienced team have helped our clients with ACT and NSW matters, including:

Estate Planning

  • Advance Care Directives

  • Asset Protection

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

  • General Power of Attorney

  • Wills including Testamentary Trusts and Protective Trusts

• Estate Administration

  • Probate

  • Letters of Administration (if there is no Will)

  • Reseal of Foreign Grant

  • Administering the Estate

Estate Disputes

  • Contesting an informal Will

  • Disputes in relation to the willmaker’s capacity

  • Family provisions claims

  • Conduct of the executor, including breaches and / or removal of executors

Buying and Selling property
Conveyancing Canberra Westbourne Legal

Buying or selling real estate is often the biggest transaction you will make, whether it be your family home, an investment property or commercial property. To minimise the additional stress of having to deal with complex documents and manage unanticipated problems, the right choice of law firm is essential. At Westbourne, your transaction will be in the capable hands of our specialist property team. We manage the whole process for you, from engaging with the banks and mortgage brokers, working with the other party’s solicitors and agent and managing the statutory authorities. We ensure the transaction advances to settlement as seamlessly as possible.


Our property law services include:

• Purchase & Sale of residential property in ACT and NSW

• Purchase & Sale of commercial and industrial property in ACT and NSW

• Buying & Selling vacant land and development blocks

• Advising on financing, including mortgages

• Buying & Selling retirement village accommodation

• Guarantees and advising on guarantees

• Advice and support in relation to joint venture agreements

• Construction contracts

• Multi-unit developments

Commercial / Business Law and Commercial Disputes
Business Law and Disputes Canberra Westbourne Legal

Whether establishing a new business, planning to buy or sell your business, or looking for advice on a business dispute, our team can help guide you through the legal process, including:

• Advisory

  • Director’s Duties

  • Employee Share Agreements

  • Business structures and related agreements (e.g. Shareholders, Partnership)

  • Power of Attorney

  • Trust Deeds

  • Credit / debtor Advice

• Business Services

  • Business Succession Agreements

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Employment Contracts

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Leases

  • Licence Agreements

  • Loan Agreements

  • Mortgages and Guarantees

  • Sale of Business Agreements

  • Subcontractor Agreements

  • Supply and Distribution Agreements

• Disputes

  • Building and construction

  • Breach of contract / agreements

  • Competition and trade practices litigation

  • Contract / business law

  • Consumer protection

  • Debts and money claims including insolvency and debt litigation

  • Directors and officers’ disputes

  • Leasing and property disputes

Legal Life Cycle

We understand that there are significant events in your personal life where you will require legal support. More often than not, there are several of these, they can be:

• exciting times, like the purchase of your first home;

• planning times, for example your estate planning; and

• sad times when dealing with the death of a loved one.


At Westbourne we believe in developing a personal relationship with you as we help you navigate your legal needs, and we refer to this as your Legal Life Cycle. We acknowledge that not only do you have a personal Legal Life Cycle, but so does your business.

Whether it be:

• from the start-up phase, partnership / company agreements and leasing;

• purchasing assets and entering into contracts; to

• succession planning and selling your business, at Westbourne, we work with our clients to ensure their Legal Life Cycle complements and promotes their business cycle.

In providing legal support, you can rely on us, knowing that you will be looked after by a familiar, friendly and supportive team.

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Wills and estate
legal life cycle
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